Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011


I made some project for my work in my workplace. i take inspiration from some pictures.

I want my dress looks like that. If you look carefully in that pictures, you'll find something that very surprising. Something that expand on the hip is only pocket, a big pocket! The pattern is simple. Make a square with a length of 25 cm and two pattern quarter with a diameter of 25 cm. ( I know my english is suck! Huaaaa.... I trying my best to be understanding by you all...... I'm sorry...!!!!)

You can make that pocket surround your hip with make six of pocket. But, because of time so short, i only make three pockets sewed in my dress. You can look to my photo in below

that's all that I can post today (I want learn how to speak english very well...!!!!!) I hope you will leave some comment for my blog. THANK YOU.................!!!!!!!!!

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