Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Craft Zone One

Long time no see.... I don't know what I have to post right now, I just upload some picture of craft that I make some month ago.
 That's my precious thing in my workplace \(^0^)/ , My HP laptop, wallpaper in my laptop was Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi ni Todoke Anime. I Make it with photoshop edited and Sketch before that. You see some creatures around of my Laptop??? I make craft that I copy from "The Cuter Book" (Except the Crab)

here you are...you can buy this book from Amazon.com.

another craft from "felt" that not must be a doll, but also can be candy container like this one :

Candy case, I copy the instruction from a book from japan in below:

I really like do some crafts, sewing some cloth,draw some design too. Because too many that I want to do, until I don't how to start it. Hehehehehehehehee........ I want to make my line fashion ready to wear, I want to take personal design order too, and brand of bag. So many dream that I have... This one (or five?) are made by myself when I was boring one week ago. Their name is "Skull in Love"

If you want something like them, you can send message to me in FB or email ^^
FB: dian sari chipit
E-mail: chipitit@gmail.com
Twitter: @dian_suci

I hope you'll leave comment to this post or you'll send PM to my e-mail \(^o^)/

Thank you so Muuuuuuaaaaaaaach...................!!!!!!1

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